General terms of sales

  • Invoices are accurate in terms of their charges and are a legal means of proof and a document within the meaning of the law for the full proof of the Buyer’s dept and the issuance of a default summons. Any aggregate invoice, card or excerpt from the Seller’s ledgers or from the invoice accountings kept by the Seller electronically in an electronic file relating to the sale of products and on the basis of this resulting amount, according to the current applicable tariff, is a complete proof against the Buyer for the balance to be due.
  • The placement of any simple signature for the recipient in the invoices or in the delivery notes or the documents accompanying the consignment notes for the transport of products is considered as a signature of an authorised person of the Buyer, explicitly authorised for the receipt and therefore binds the Buyer.
  • The manner / place of delivery of the products is agreed each time with the Buyer and is indicated in the sales invoice issued by the Seller.
  • The Seller guarantees that the products are and delivered in excellent condition and are in accordance with the Buyer’s choice and liking. Obvious damages to the packaging and products, non-compliance of the delivery items with the delivery note and product codes, product descriptions and serial numbers on the order or the delivery notes or the documents accompanying the consignment notes, as well as quantitative differences must be notified by the Buyer no later than five (5) working days from the receipt of the product.
  • The products are delivered at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius and frozen.
  • The products were inspected by the Buyer or his representative, met at the time of delivery all the quality and suitability specifications and complied with the delivery note or the documents accompanying the consignment note.
  • Any notification of a document between the Seller and the Buyer is valid if delivered at their place of residence or domicile.
  • The Courts of Athens are competent to resolve any dispute.
  • All the above terms are considered essential and reasonable, and any invalidity of any or part thereof does not affect the validity of the other terms.