Personal Data

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What is Personal Data

All information pertaining to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”); the term “identifiable natural person” may refer to a person whose identity may be verified, either directly or indirectly. Therefore your name, email address and telephone number are considered personal data

Purpose of personal data processing

Listed below are the various purposes for which we process your personal data.

Activities and Services: We may use your Personal Data i) to provide you with the requested services or products and carry out other activities corresponding to such services or products ii) if so required, to comply with the Law or in response to a writ of summons, court decision, law enforcement request, or other legal proceedings.

Your rights

Based on the regulation, when you grant us your personal data you sustain the following rights:

  1. Right to Access – you have the right to access your personal data, processed by us, as well as to be informed on any changes in their processing.
  2. Right to Rectification – you have the right to request rectification or alteration of your personal data, in case that they are incorrect or incomplete.
  3. Right to Erasure – you have the right to request of us to erase your personal data.
  4. Right to Restriction of Processing – you have the right to request of us not to process specific personal data of yours, either temporarily or permanently.
  5. Right to Data Portability – You have the right to receive copies of your personal data processed by us, as well as to request us to transmit the data to a third controller.
  6. Right to Object to Processing of the Data –
    1. You have the right to object at any time to our processing of your personal data, based on grounds relating to your personal situation
    2. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes
  7. Right to Withdraw Your Consent – You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, in the same way you granted consent.
  8. Right to Lodge a Complaint about Infringements of the Legislation with the Competent Supervisory Authority – You have the right to exercise the above rights, also in case that these are not implemented to lodge a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

The above rights may be exercised by you by dispatching an email to the Data Controller.

Procedure to be followed to exercise your rights sees to it that all those who visit our website and give their personal data are able to exercise their rights at any given time. The aforementioned rights are exercised upon communication with the data Controller for rights that cannot be exercised otherwise. The latter is obliged, within the deadline of one (1) month, to notify you on the granting of your request. In case the Controller refuses to grant your request, they must, within one (1) month, respond by stating the grounds on which they have refused to grant your request. Any failure by the Controller to communicate within the above deadline gives you the right to bring the matter to the attention of Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

How we collect your personal data

Collection of your data may be carried out in one of the following two ways:

  1. By filling in the communication form, found in our website’s “Communication” section.
  2. By filling in your email address on the newsletter form.
  3. We use “cookies” and other electronic means for the collection of statistical data regarding the use of our website, according to your instructions.

What kind of personal data we collect?

The kind of collected data depends on the way you communicate with us:

  1. If you communicate with us using the communication form, found in the “Communication” section of our website, we may collect the following: a) your full name, b) your email address, c) the reason you wish to communicate with us.
  2. If you communicate via the newsletter form, we may collect the following: a) your email address.

What kind of personal data we collect?

Ways of Collecting DataLegal BasisUser Benefit
Communication FormUser ConsentFacilitation of the company’s communication with the user. The company will respond to your needs more swiftly.
Newsletter FormUser ConsentCommunication by the company.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

Communication Form: The data filled in on the communication form is kept until the subject matter of your communication is resolved. Moreover, your data will also be erased in the case you withdraw your consent.

Apart from the above mentioned cases, we may keep your personal data, even if you request they be erased, in order for us to be compliant with legal obligations, such as tax authority audits. In such cases, your data will be erased upon expiry of the deadlines as provided by Law.

Does transfer your personal data to third parties? may disclose your personal data to third parties. These third parties may be:

  • Service providers – select associates of ours who provide various services on our behalf.
  • Company associates – reputable companies which may provide services related to the products and services you may like, in the cases you have provided your distinct consent or companies we use to complete the provision of a service to you (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook).
  • Law Enforcement Authorities – when we are required to proceed to disclose the data at our disposal.
  • Social Network Add-ons (“Add-ons”) – When you use a Service containing Add-ons, the information may be transferred directly from your device to the social network provider. We are in no position to affect the data collected by the Add-on. If you are connected to a social network, your use of the Service may be recorded on your social network account. In such case the above terms of personal data protection do not apply, however you must refer to the protection terms of the respective social network.


  • We take reasonable and adequate measures for the protection of personal data against theft, unauthorised use, disclosure, or alteration.
  • We aim to ensure the appropriate physical, technical, procedural, and electronic means for the protection of your Personal Data.

Does granting your personal data also entail subscribing to receive any information material?

No. In order for us to be able to dispatch to you information material regarding our company’s offers and new arrivals, you must now subscribe of your own accord. Providing your email address does not entail automatic registration on our list for the dispatch of information material.

Data Controller

Who is the data Controller?

The personal data Controller is enterprise “Pescanova Hellas LTD”. The enterprise’s main occupation is marketing of frozen fish.

What is the contact address of the Controller?

The Controller’s contact email address is You may use this address with regard to any questions you may have on the processing of your personal data, as well as the exercise of the rights provided by the Regulation.


The above are in force without prejudice of any amendment to the legislative framework. Website visitors are kindly requested to regularly check this website for any changes.


What are cookies?

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What types of cookies are used by our website and for what purpose?

Cookie TypePurpose Served
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What can you do in case you do not wish to install Cookies on your computer?

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