Pescanova I cook – Our favorite meals, ready in 7 minutes and easily!

“PESCANOVA I cook” brings freshness of the sea and creativity of cooking to your kitchen.

Pescanova chose for you the best materials and created three delicious meals that will wake up the chef that you hide inside. You only need 7 minutes and some of the most common materials that we all have in our kitchen. Add your own taste on our delicious meals!

Our beloved meals are finally here! Choose the taste that you prefer and create fast and easy the most delicious seafood meals.

magirevo Garidomakaronada
Καν’το σαν σεφ!
magirevo KritharotoGarides
Κλασσικό ελληνικό!
magirevo Penes Garides Spanaki
Στρώσε τραπέζι!

Dive into magic with the great chef, Alexandros Papandreou!