Grilled marinated octopus and spicy Argentin Shrimp

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Grilled marinated octopus and spicy Argentin Shrimp

25 min
  • Peel the shrimp, removing the shell and the intestine on its back, leaving its head on.
  • Turn on the BBQ and grill the octopus for 20 – 25′ on both sides.
  • At the same time, prepare its marinade and the sauce for shrimp.
  • Chop the garlic, oregano and rosemary and place them in a bowl. Add the olive oil along with white vinegar, salt and pepper and stir well.
  • Grill shrimps in BBQ and for 2′, while sprinkling with salt and pepper.

    For Shrimp sauce
  • Finely chop the chili peppers, basil and mint. Place a non-stick pan and add the olive oil.
  • Sauté chili peppers slightly, add the ouzo, set on fire and when it is ready, remove the pan from the heat.
  • Add lemon juice, basil, mint, salt, pepper and stir well.

    For Serving

  • Remove the octopus and shrimps from the BBQ, cut the octopus into slices and place it in its marinade.
  • Place the shrimp on a cutting board and pour over it with its sauce.
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Recipe for 4 people


2 Octopus Tentacles Pescanova
3 Argentine Shrimps Pescanova

For octopus marinara: 
150ml olive oil
70ml white vinegar
1 garlic clove
2 sp. chopped oregano
2 sp.  chopped rosemary

For shrimp sauce:
100ml olive oil
2 chili peppers
100ml ouzo
Juice from 1/2 lemon
2 sp. chopped basil
2 sp. chopped mint